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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surprise Visit!

The JCS Main Store on La Fortuna 1, was paid a surprise visit yesterday afternoon by Eponymous Trenchmouth himself. The self-styled "Cobbler-in-Chief" arrived in his new swanky speedboat at the rear door, in order to avoid security at the main door. Unfortunately there was a couple shopping in the store at the time, and the wandering (or is it "wondering") wild-eyed Trenchmouth begin explaining in mind-numbing detail, the steps involved in making boots, from cow to calf, as it were. Forty-five minutes later, one of the two shoppers was able to slip away and she promptly alerted the guards. The still-talking Trenchmouth was bundled into his boat and told to bugger off.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Carl Perkins - Revised and Resized

Carl Perkins joins the list of earlier shoes to be updated with the ReSizer. I took the opportunity to do a complete remodel of this popular suede shoe and the result is even more life-like. Now available in 8 colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Chamois, Gray, Putty, White and Wine.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jeepers Creepers Redux!

Jeepers Creepers, Second Life's first crepe-soled creepers have been re-released in a UniSex version: with the scripted ReSizer, they will fit men and women's feet. They are available in the following versions: All Black, All Black Buckles, All White Buckles, BioHazard, Checker Buckles, Cheetah Buckles, Leopard, Pink Heart Buckles, Red & Black, Silver Star, Skull Buckles and White Top.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Dept. of Shameless Commerce has once again released the "festive" Ho! boots, just in time for the Ho! Ho! Holidays! Not content with the Santa Red pair, they've gone and added an Elf Green! (Groan). Both colors are UniSex and come with the ReSizer, AND an optional jolly sleigh bells sound effect.

Strike! Redux

The ever-popular retro-styled Strike! bowling shoes have been re-released in a UniSex version with the ReSizer. In addition to the previous Red & Blue and Black & White shoes, have been added a black & white Checker and a simple Black version. Let's go bowling!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

ReSizer added to Scratch, Clog and SOMA!

The ubiquitous Resizer has now been added to Scratch canvas shoes, Clog clogs, and the two-tone SOMA ankle boots. As always, the shoes are preset at Medium, and with the pop-up menu can be resized from XS to XXL.

RadioActive Redux

The latest footwear to be re-released with a brand-new shape and new textures, is the RadioActive boot. Originally this was available only in women's sizes, but with the aid of the remarkable ReSizer, this original design has gone UniSex - available to all! That is why, in addition to two different styles of leg, there are 3 right boots in the shoebox. One standard, one with a Power Walk and one with a Sexy Walk, depending on your mood. These boots feature a semi-transparent jelly-like sole with carbon graphite wearing pads, long-grain asbestos uppers, festooned with Hazard Warning symbols, and wrapped with a sturdy ankle buckle. Red, black, yellow and silver, all showing signs of wear. Best of all, these boots come with an optional flaming radioactive footprint that has to be seen to be believed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unisex Ughs get ReSizer!!!

In a move that has stunned industry insiders, ashen-faced Cobbler-in-Chief Eponymous Trenchmouth has added the ReSizer to the entire line of Ugh boots. These popular sheepskin boots come with three different leg lengths, and because the boots are Copy OK, it's like getting three boots for the price of one! Then there are the Fat Packs: the Guy Pack contains Autumn Brown, Charcoal, Chocolate, Navy Blue, Silver and Stone. The Gal Pack contains Baby Blue, Buttermilk, Lilac, Marigold, Baby Pink, Dusky Rose, Tan, Teal and Wasabi. To top it off is the Mega Pack that contains all 15 colors!!! Holy sheepskin!

Rigger Redux

I've finally made a start on updating my older shoes. The Rigger boots were still popular but the shape needed a major facelift. I based the new shape on the aXion boot, but with the leg rolled down to form a cuff around the ankle. The new Rigger is available as a traditional work boot, also a desert camo and a field camo pattern. Then there are three "dress" work boots: black leather with black velour cuff, dark cherry leather with black velour cuff, and brown leather with tabby velour cuff.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Release - aXion men's boots

(ok, ok, I'm a little late posting this stuff...)

10/18/08 ~ Autumn is here, the air is crisp, and my thoughts turn to winter boots with the rugged aXion line of men's hiking boots. Whether you're exploring the urban or rural environment, these fully detailed walking/running/jumping/climbing/hiking boots, made from rough suede and Gore-Tex (R) on a rugged and resilient non-slip sole, with fur cuff and sheepskin lining, will get you there. Available in muted black, blue, brown, gray, olive and sand.
These shoes come with the new Shoe Resizer, and are available Transfer OK or Copy OK. Demos and a Fat-Pack (all 6 pairs) are available at the Main Store.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shoe ReSizer added to Oslo and Quixote

The Shoe ReSizer made its first appearance in the Havana sandals, and subsequently in both aXion and Rigger boots. This easy to use device enables the wearer to adjust the size of their shoes from the pre-set Medium, down to XS and up to XXL.

JCS has now embarked on a long-term program to retro-fit all our boots and shoes with the ReSizer.

The first shoes to be retro-fitted with the ReSizer are:
Oslo - Elastic-sided men's ankle boots. To the original Black, Brown, Gray and Khaki, we have added Black Cherry and a warm Mid-Brown.
Quixote - Men's boots with large side buckle in the ever-popular Black, Brown, Clay and Black Cherry.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Beach shoes on SALE !!!

A few weeks ago I released my men's beach shoes: Finz, Reef Rider and Mavericks. I took my usual care with the shape and the textures, but priced them well below my leather shoes. They didn't sell very well, and I think I know why. In RL, shoes like these, a sort of cross between crocs, jellies and flip-flops, would be dirt cheap, since they'd be mass-produced in China. Rather than think the design is at fault, I prefer to believe that there is an expectation carried over from RL, that this kind of footwear should also be dirt cheap, regardless of the time spent making them. It is with great excitement therefore, that I proudly announce that from this time forth, Finz, Reef Rider and Mavericks, will be on SALE for L50.


After much prodding from Ben Vanguard of SL Men, I have finally gone over to using a Resizer. No more preset Small, Medium or Large sizes. Now the end user can decide what is the best size for their shoes: anything from XS to XXL, with fine tuning available. I tried the scripts out on my new men's sandals, Havana, and was very pleased with the results. It's simple to install, with thorough clean up and an easy-to-use Menu, and I shall be using this tool from now on. As time allows, I will retro-fit this into my earlier shoes, beginning with the ones that only offer 2 sizes.

Copy OK, No Transfer shoe vendor

This is something I should have done a long time ago! I finally got around to placing a Copy OK No Transfer shoe vendor in my Main Store. If you are one of those people who keeps outfits in folders, and don't mind forgoing the option to transfer inventory to others, this is the way to go. Now you can create multiple copies of your favorite shoes. So far the vendor contains Carl Perkins, Dublin, Havana, Kippers, Oslo, Quixote, Scratch, Sebastian, Shanghai and SOMA. Other shoes will be added as I get around to it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

JCS has a new home !!!

La Fortuna 1, 51/48/22

JCS has a new home in the beautiful Costa Rica Estates. I'd like to thank my good friend Giancarlo Takacs for giving me exactly what I needed, and his builder Rawly Rousselot for his excellent eye for detail, in helping me get my store set up in record time. While there is still some work to be done, JCS is open for business and we hope you will come and visit us in our idyllic ocean-side location.

La Fortuna 1, 51/48/22

Thursday, July 17, 2008

JCS is moving !!!

I have just been notified that the sim where I have my main store is being sold. This news came as quite a shock. Fortunately, one of my good friends has created a tropical paradise, and plans are now in the works for a move to a new region of unsurpassed natural beauty. I just hope that my new store is complete before I am evicted. Stay tuned for more news...
I was just notified that at 5pm on Friday July 25th 2008, my Main Store will be razed to the ground. Hopefully, hopefully, my new location will be ready on Saturday...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

News Flash

Tight-lipped Eponymous Trenchmouth confirmed today that the next release from JCS will be men's beach shoes! Three styles in six colors each will make for an amazing launch. Watch out for a July 26 release at a swimwear fashion show! More details to follow...

Press Release

For IMMEDIATE use. Dateline 06-08-08

In a surprise move that has shaken industry insiders, ashen-faced Eponymous Trenchmouth, taciturn head of JCS - Jeepers Creepers Shoes, announced that over the weekend, prices on all JCS men's and women's shoes have been slashed by $L50, $L100 and even $L150 per pair.

The gray-haired Trenchmouth said, "in these hard economic times, when consumers are faced with rising fuel and food prices, I'm going make darn sure no-one goes barefoot".

JCS also announced that the price of Demos, previously $L1, are now completely free. The tight-lipped Trenchmouth commented "if the citizens of this great land don't mind wearing shoes with DEMO written all over them, they can wear those for free".

The new prices go into effect immediately at the JCS main store and at select outlets.

The steely-eyed Trenchmouth denied rumors that government subsidised prims had any connection with the price cuts. The lantern-jawed CEO said "our prims are the same high quality. You won't find any genetically-modified rubbish in our shoes."

If have any questions, please IM knock-kneed Eponymous Trenchmouth.