A blog relating to Jeepers Shoes for Men in Second Life by Eponymous Trenchmouth.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Copy OK

JCS has just completed the mammoth task of switching all Main Store vendors from Transfer OK to Copy OK.

When I first began selling shoes in Second Life, I made them Transfer OK, since that reflected the way that we use objects in RL. But over the years, many people asked me to make Copy OK versions, because if you keep outfits in Folders (which makes it much easier to switch from one look to another), then you need to be able to make multiple copies of the shoes.

For those people who want to buy shoes as gifts, fear not! In the entrance to the store is a Transfer OK vendor. If you want to send Copy OK shoes as a gift, please contact Cobbler-in-Chief, Eponymous Trenchmouth

New Miami summer shoes

JCS announces "Miami".
Following hard on the heels of KiX comes Miami, a summer shoe. Ideal for the beach and the boulevard. Pastel canvas in cream, sage, pale blue and peach, with leather detailing. Wear with shorts or slacks; socks optional.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Kix

JCS announces "KiX".
In a move that has stunned shoe industry insiders, ashen-faced Eponymous Trenchmouth announced today his first new men's shoe in almost nine months.
KiX might be called a "crossover" - part sneaker and part loafer. Available in black, blue, green and red, the shoes have a flexible non-slip sole tinted to match the leather/GoreTex (R) two-tone uppers.