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Friday, October 23, 2009

New Vader's sneakers

In a move that has stunned shoe industry insiders, Cobbler-in-Chief Eponymous Trenchmouth, has released 8 (eight) old-school basketball-style sculpty sneakers.

"Vader's" are totally UniSex via the built-in ReSizer that goes from XS to XXL. They are available in Copy OK and Transfer OK versions, and Demos and Fatpacks are all at JC's main store. Vader's (named after "Daft" Vader, footwear designer for Universe One Star shoes) come in Black canvas, All-Black GoreTex (R), Cocoa (with leather detailing), Cream canvas, Gray canvas, Khaki canvas, Red canvas and Russet (with leather detailing).
In the interests of full disclosure, I must declare that the sculpty shape used in these shoes is not mine, unlike the hand-drawn textures, which are all my own work. I am in the process of learning to create sculpties, because ultimately it will give me the ability to create shoes that aren't possible with prims alone. Unfortunately there is a steep learning curve to negotiate before I can create my own sculpties, so in the meantime I used an excellent pre-made shape. Please stop by the store and check them out.