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Monday, December 6, 2010

Jeepers moves to new Main Store location !!!

Jeepers @ Shoes 183, 187, 37
A month ago, I was informed that the sim that Jeepers has called home since August '08, was going to be converted from commercial to residential use. Frankly we were not sorry to leave. The calm and natural beauty disappeared with the arrival of the adjacent "Disneyesque" fairy castle. That was the reason for Jeepers ascent to its present floating store. But no more! Jeepers is back to earth! 
By an extraordinary stroke of luck (or karma), a perfect location suddenly became available in the sim dedicated to Shoes:  (http://slurl.com/secondlife/shoes/183/187/37/) - I kid you not, there is a sim called "Shoes", and Jeepers has a prime location on the square. 
Fortunately (again), I had a free weekend and it rained, so I got to spend hours and hours and hours, building a new store, installing the vendors, and changing the Landmarks in a ton of Notecards. There is still lots to be done, but the store is open for business and seems to be benefitting from its proximity to so many other fine (women's) shoe stores nearby.