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Sunday, June 22, 2008

News Flash

Tight-lipped Eponymous Trenchmouth confirmed today that the next release from JCS will be men's beach shoes! Three styles in six colors each will make for an amazing launch. Watch out for a July 26 release at a swimwear fashion show! More details to follow...

Press Release

For IMMEDIATE use. Dateline 06-08-08

In a surprise move that has shaken industry insiders, ashen-faced Eponymous Trenchmouth, taciturn head of JCS - Jeepers Creepers Shoes, announced that over the weekend, prices on all JCS men's and women's shoes have been slashed by $L50, $L100 and even $L150 per pair.

The gray-haired Trenchmouth said, "in these hard economic times, when consumers are faced with rising fuel and food prices, I'm going make darn sure no-one goes barefoot".

JCS also announced that the price of Demos, previously $L1, are now completely free. The tight-lipped Trenchmouth commented "if the citizens of this great land don't mind wearing shoes with DEMO written all over them, they can wear those for free".

The new prices go into effect immediately at the JCS main store and at select outlets.

The steely-eyed Trenchmouth denied rumors that government subsidised prims had any connection with the price cuts. The lantern-jawed CEO said "our prims are the same high quality. You won't find any genetically-modified rubbish in our shoes."

If have any questions, please IM knock-kneed Eponymous Trenchmouth.