A blog relating to Jeepers Shoes for Men in Second Life by Eponymous Trenchmouth.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quixote goes UniSex!

Following the successful reintroduction of the UniSex Trashville Boots, JC's is proud to re-release the ever-popular Quixote boots in UniSex sizes, via the built-in ReSizer. These boots (like the Trashville boots) can be worn either under a pair of jeans, or over tight pants. They are available in four colors: black, brown, clay and maroon. They are available in Copy OK and Transfer OK versions, and Demos and Fatpacks are all at JC's main store.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trashville Boots Re-released!

Way back in August '06, JCS released Trashville boots. These boots, being somewhat outdated in style, were withdrawn a year ago. Recently I came across a pre-made sculpty boot shape that is perfect for the re-release of the Trashville brand. While the boot shape is not mine, the textures are completely new and all my own work. The new boots come in two classic styles "Engineer" and "Harness" and in two colors, black and brown. These new boots are totally UniSex via the built-in ReSizer that goes from XS to XXL. They are available in Copy OK and Transfer OK versions, and Demos and Fatpacks are all at JC's main store.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Vader's sneakers

In a move that has stunned shoe industry insiders, Cobbler-in-Chief Eponymous Trenchmouth, has released 8 (eight) old-school basketball-style sculpty sneakers.

"Vader's" are totally UniSex via the built-in ReSizer that goes from XS to XXL. They are available in Copy OK and Transfer OK versions, and Demos and Fatpacks are all at JC's main store. Vader's (named after "Daft" Vader, footwear designer for Universe One Star shoes) come in Black canvas, All-Black GoreTex (R), Cocoa (with leather detailing), Cream canvas, Gray canvas, Khaki canvas, Red canvas and Russet (with leather detailing).
In the interests of full disclosure, I must declare that the sculpty shape used in these shoes is not mine, unlike the hand-drawn textures, which are all my own work. I am in the process of learning to create sculpties, because ultimately it will give me the ability to create shoes that aren't possible with prims alone. Unfortunately there is a steep learning curve to negotiate before I can create my own sculpties, so in the meantime I used an excellent pre-made shape. Please stop by the store and check them out.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Copy OK

JCS has just completed the mammoth task of switching all Main Store vendors from Transfer OK to Copy OK.

When I first began selling shoes in Second Life, I made them Transfer OK, since that reflected the way that we use objects in RL. But over the years, many people asked me to make Copy OK versions, because if you keep outfits in Folders (which makes it much easier to switch from one look to another), then you need to be able to make multiple copies of the shoes.

For those people who want to buy shoes as gifts, fear not! In the entrance to the store is a Transfer OK vendor. If you want to send Copy OK shoes as a gift, please contact Cobbler-in-Chief, Eponymous Trenchmouth

New Miami summer shoes

JCS announces "Miami".
Following hard on the heels of KiX comes Miami, a summer shoe. Ideal for the beach and the boulevard. Pastel canvas in cream, sage, pale blue and peach, with leather detailing. Wear with shorts or slacks; socks optional.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Kix

JCS announces "KiX".
In a move that has stunned shoe industry insiders, ashen-faced Eponymous Trenchmouth announced today his first new men's shoe in almost nine months.
KiX might be called a "crossover" - part sneaker and part loafer. Available in black, blue, green and red, the shoes have a flexible non-slip sole tinted to match the leather/GoreTex (R) two-tone uppers.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

JCS New Store!

JCS has a new store! Over the past week, the JCS Building Dept has been busy creating a brand new flagship store for the JCS empire. The term "flagship" is particularly apt, because the new design bears a striking resemblance to a side-wheel paddle steamer! Taking inspiration from the ocean-side location, the new building offers shoppers a much easier way to view all of our footwear. The building has a living roof with grasses and wild flowers that insulate the interior, while encouraging wildlife. Already butterflies and hummingbirds have taken up residence. Along two sides of the roof are solar panels that provide electricity. The building's interior is cooled naturally, using nautical-style ventilators and funnels. High "porthole" windows provide natural light and enhance the nautical theme. An observation deck with a telescope at the bow, faces the eternal ocean; a place to pause and watch the dolphins at play. Please stop by and explore our new home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Shoe 50% Sale !!!

In horror of Valentines Day, every red shoe in the store is 50% off! We're talking Betty, Carl Perkins, Dublin, Janine, Jeepers Creepers, Kippers, Luciano de Vincenzi, Oslo, Quixote, RadioActive, Rigger, Sebastian, Shanghai, Strike or Wellies, if it's a red shoe, it's 50% off!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Luciano de Vincenzi releases Ambasciatore

LdeV releases yet another stylish dress loafer - Ambasciatore. This one is in black leather, decorated with narrow bands of gold piping, adding a subtle yet forceful message.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

50% off Luciano de Vincenzi!

Yes it's true! Every day for the next week, a different LdeV shoe will be on sale for 50% off! And even I don't know which shoe will be on sale when! Remember, for maximum satisfaction, shop early and shop often.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LdeV presents Firenze, Sienna & Swingtime

Luciano has delivered three more loafers from the LdeV workshops.

First is Firenze. A traditional men's loafer with a woven leather panel inset on the instep. Finished with a simple monk strap. Elegant, understated, indispensable.

Next is Sienna. Similar to Firenze but in antique brown leather and minus the woven leather panel.

Lastly there's Swingtime. A black leather dance loafer with three inset turquoise diamonds.

JCS Group goes Subscribe-O-Matic

JCS has decided to move its group communications over to Subscribe-O-Matic. The main benefit for members is that by joining the JCS Subscribe-O-Matic Group, you don't have to take up a slot in your official groups. Anyone can easily subscribe to the group by touching the Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk in the central area of the JCS main store. Once you are subscribed, you'll be able to read past notices, simply by touching the kiosk.

Luciano de Vincenzi Room opens

It is with no small measure of pride that we announce the opening of the Luciano de Vincenzi room at the JCS Main Store. Unfortunately the great man LdeV himself was unable to attend the opening ceremony, being far too busy designing new footwear exclusively for JCS.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Henry Morgan redux

Another older shoe to be updated is the ever-popular Henry Morgan, the shoe with the large silver buckle on the tongue. This new version is by Luciano de Vincenzi and comes with the scripted ReSizer.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

JCS introduces Luciano de Vincenzi

JCS is extremely proud to introduce the famous Italian bespoke shoemaker, Luciano de Vincenzi. LdeV (as he is known to his friends) has a well earned and long established reputation as a foremost designer of quality men's footwear, and we at JCS, are delighted to bring his creations to Second Life.
The first shoe from LdeV to appear in our store, is "Red Diamonds", a formal dress loafer . This stylish dance shoe, decorated with a black silk bow-tie on the tongue, has long been the sine qua non of any gentleman's wardrobe.