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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Parts of the Shoe

It occurs to me that a lot of our younger readers may be unfamiliar with words like "vamp", "gimp" and "tongue". Nor indeed may they know the difference between an Aglet, an Oxford and a Derby. Forsooth, help is at hand: An Oxford is a closely laced shoe. By that, it is meant that the two parts of the Facing, when laced, are brought almost into contact with each other; in fact they are both sewn directly under the Vamp. The Oxford is considered to be a more formal (straight-laced) shoe than the Derby, wherein the Vamp continues up to become the Tongue, and the Facings are loosely laced together, allowing for a more relaxed fit. (The Derby is the name of a horse race at Epsom Downs, for goodness sake). Both styles can be decorated with Brogueing - a pattern of small punched holes next to an edge or seam. Gimping is the name given to a decorative zig-zag edge. And the Aglet? It's the little plastic thingamajig on the end of a shoelace that makes it easier to thread through the Eyelets.

New Gilbert ~ wingtip Derby brogues.

Introducing Gilbert ~ wingtip Derby brogues with contrasting laces, stitches and a high gloss polish. Available in four colors: the profoundly Purple Gilbert (suitable for ceremonies sacred or secular), the consumptive Crimson Gilbert, the baffling Blue Gilbert, and the ghastly Green Gilbert.

New Flynn laceless Oxford brogues

Made on the same lasts as the popular Connery shoes, Flynn is a true Oxford brogue, with an extended wingtip, contrasting vamp and quarters, five pairs of eyelets, no laces. Classic styling, modern finish.Remember, "You're flying with Flynn!"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Connery wingtip brogues!

Connery is a gentleman's walking shoe with highly polished leather wingtip and facings, and rough suede vamp and counter. Connery is available in two styles: dark maroon leather with a golden brown suede, and dark brown leather with a muted green suede. Contrasting lacings and sole complete the picture.