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Sunday, February 22, 2009

JCS New Store!

JCS has a new store! Over the past week, the JCS Building Dept has been busy creating a brand new flagship store for the JCS empire. The term "flagship" is particularly apt, because the new design bears a striking resemblance to a side-wheel paddle steamer! Taking inspiration from the ocean-side location, the new building offers shoppers a much easier way to view all of our footwear. The building has a living roof with grasses and wild flowers that insulate the interior, while encouraging wildlife. Already butterflies and hummingbirds have taken up residence. Along two sides of the roof are solar panels that provide electricity. The building's interior is cooled naturally, using nautical-style ventilators and funnels. High "porthole" windows provide natural light and enhance the nautical theme. An observation deck with a telescope at the bow, faces the eternal ocean; a place to pause and watch the dolphins at play. Please stop by and explore our new home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Shoe 50% Sale !!!

In horror of Valentines Day, every red shoe in the store is 50% off! We're talking Betty, Carl Perkins, Dublin, Janine, Jeepers Creepers, Kippers, Luciano de Vincenzi, Oslo, Quixote, RadioActive, Rigger, Sebastian, Shanghai, Strike or Wellies, if it's a red shoe, it's 50% off!!!