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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Strike 2 Bowling Shirts!!!

Big news on the SL bowling scene: Strike 2 Bowling Shoes have been named official footwear of Bergsons Bowling, Second Life's premier supplier of bowling equipment.

To celebrate this benediction, Jeepers has added new colors to the already extensive Strike 2 line of bowling shoes including Brown & Gold, Gray & White, Green & White and Purple & Violet.

In response to many requests, Jeepers is delighted to announce the introduction of Strike 2 Bowling Shirts. These brightly colored, vintage, unisex bowling shirts are decorated with embroidered designs on the back and come in shirt length and jacket length versions. A total of 16 different designs are on display at the Jeepers Main Store. Custom orders for your team are welcomed, just contact Eponymous Trenchmouth for details.

Bye bye Subscribe-O-Matic

As you know, my Group updates are infrequent. Up til now, I've been using the Subscribe-O-Matic system to handle membership. I just discovered that since I haven't posted for 5 months, it will cost me L10000 to update my subscription. So I'm deleting my Subscribe-O-Matic inviter, and going back to using Second Life Groups to communicate with my fans.