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Friday, September 10, 2010

New Desert Boots by DB

As you might expect, my personal taste in RL shoes is reflected in the shoes I make in Second Life. I bought a pair of desert boots recently and I've been very pleased with them. I love suede - it doesn't need polishing for one thing. I like the way the nap alters the way the light reflects off the suede creating unique patterns. Desert boots are comfortable too. The ones I bought had a rubber sole but I like the porous look of crepe, so I made both. Desert boots tend to be austere - no decorative stitching, brogueing or gimping. However I couldn't resist adding a leather-trimmed edge around the top of the heel, extending down the facing. Eight colors: black, burgundy, denim, gray, russet, sand, sage and tan.

Simple yet stylish and comfortable; what more do you need in a pair of shoes?

These shoes are Unisex and fitted with a built-in ReSizer from XS to XXL. Copy OK, Transfer OK, DEMOs and a fatpack are all available at Jeepers Main Store.