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Sunday, November 30, 2008

ReSizer added to Scratch, Clog and SOMA!

The ubiquitous Resizer has now been added to Scratch canvas shoes, Clog clogs, and the two-tone SOMA ankle boots. As always, the shoes are preset at Medium, and with the pop-up menu can be resized from XS to XXL.

RadioActive Redux

The latest footwear to be re-released with a brand-new shape and new textures, is the RadioActive boot. Originally this was available only in women's sizes, but with the aid of the remarkable ReSizer, this original design has gone UniSex - available to all! That is why, in addition to two different styles of leg, there are 3 right boots in the shoebox. One standard, one with a Power Walk and one with a Sexy Walk, depending on your mood. These boots feature a semi-transparent jelly-like sole with carbon graphite wearing pads, long-grain asbestos uppers, festooned with Hazard Warning symbols, and wrapped with a sturdy ankle buckle. Red, black, yellow and silver, all showing signs of wear. Best of all, these boots come with an optional flaming radioactive footprint that has to be seen to be believed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unisex Ughs get ReSizer!!!

In a move that has stunned industry insiders, ashen-faced Cobbler-in-Chief Eponymous Trenchmouth has added the ReSizer to the entire line of Ugh boots. These popular sheepskin boots come with three different leg lengths, and because the boots are Copy OK, it's like getting three boots for the price of one! Then there are the Fat Packs: the Guy Pack contains Autumn Brown, Charcoal, Chocolate, Navy Blue, Silver and Stone. The Gal Pack contains Baby Blue, Buttermilk, Lilac, Marigold, Baby Pink, Dusky Rose, Tan, Teal and Wasabi. To top it off is the Mega Pack that contains all 15 colors!!! Holy sheepskin!

Rigger Redux

I've finally made a start on updating my older shoes. The Rigger boots were still popular but the shape needed a major facelift. I based the new shape on the aXion boot, but with the leg rolled down to form a cuff around the ankle. The new Rigger is available as a traditional work boot, also a desert camo and a field camo pattern. Then there are three "dress" work boots: black leather with black velour cuff, dark cherry leather with black velour cuff, and brown leather with tabby velour cuff.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Release - aXion men's boots

(ok, ok, I'm a little late posting this stuff...)

10/18/08 ~ Autumn is here, the air is crisp, and my thoughts turn to winter boots with the rugged aXion line of men's hiking boots. Whether you're exploring the urban or rural environment, these fully detailed walking/running/jumping/climbing/hiking boots, made from rough suede and Gore-Tex (R) on a rugged and resilient non-slip sole, with fur cuff and sheepskin lining, will get you there. Available in muted black, blue, brown, gray, olive and sand.
These shoes come with the new Shoe Resizer, and are available Transfer OK or Copy OK. Demos and a Fat-Pack (all 6 pairs) are available at the Main Store.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shoe ReSizer added to Oslo and Quixote

The Shoe ReSizer made its first appearance in the Havana sandals, and subsequently in both aXion and Rigger boots. This easy to use device enables the wearer to adjust the size of their shoes from the pre-set Medium, down to XS and up to XXL.

JCS has now embarked on a long-term program to retro-fit all our boots and shoes with the ReSizer.

The first shoes to be retro-fitted with the ReSizer are:
Oslo - Elastic-sided men's ankle boots. To the original Black, Brown, Gray and Khaki, we have added Black Cherry and a warm Mid-Brown.
Quixote - Men's boots with large side buckle in the ever-popular Black, Brown, Clay and Black Cherry.