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Friday, August 29, 2008

Beach shoes on SALE !!!

A few weeks ago I released my men's beach shoes: Finz, Reef Rider and Mavericks. I took my usual care with the shape and the textures, but priced them well below my leather shoes. They didn't sell very well, and I think I know why. In RL, shoes like these, a sort of cross between crocs, jellies and flip-flops, would be dirt cheap, since they'd be mass-produced in China. Rather than think the design is at fault, I prefer to believe that there is an expectation carried over from RL, that this kind of footwear should also be dirt cheap, regardless of the time spent making them. It is with great excitement therefore, that I proudly announce that from this time forth, Finz, Reef Rider and Mavericks, will be on SALE for L50.


After much prodding from Ben Vanguard of SL Men, I have finally gone over to using a Resizer. No more preset Small, Medium or Large sizes. Now the end user can decide what is the best size for their shoes: anything from XS to XXL, with fine tuning available. I tried the scripts out on my new men's sandals, Havana, and was very pleased with the results. It's simple to install, with thorough clean up and an easy-to-use Menu, and I shall be using this tool from now on. As time allows, I will retro-fit this into my earlier shoes, beginning with the ones that only offer 2 sizes.

Copy OK, No Transfer shoe vendor

This is something I should have done a long time ago! I finally got around to placing a Copy OK No Transfer shoe vendor in my Main Store. If you are one of those people who keeps outfits in folders, and don't mind forgoing the option to transfer inventory to others, this is the way to go. Now you can create multiple copies of your favorite shoes. So far the vendor contains Carl Perkins, Dublin, Havana, Kippers, Oslo, Quixote, Scratch, Sebastian, Shanghai and SOMA. Other shoes will be added as I get around to it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

JCS has a new home !!!

La Fortuna 1, 51/48/22

JCS has a new home in the beautiful Costa Rica Estates. I'd like to thank my good friend Giancarlo Takacs for giving me exactly what I needed, and his builder Rawly Rousselot for his excellent eye for detail, in helping me get my store set up in record time. While there is still some work to be done, JCS is open for business and we hope you will come and visit us in our idyllic ocean-side location.

La Fortuna 1, 51/48/22