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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Kool Kats!

Introducing Kool Kats - the latest two-tone Retro suede shoes from JC's. In eight exciting color combinations, and decorated with a metal buckle featuring the Kool Kats Logo, these shoes are sure to be a hit! These new shoes are totally UniSex via the built-in ReSizer that goes from XS to XXL. They are available in Copy OK and Transfer OK versions, and Demos and Fatpacks are on display at JC's main store.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Krox Beach Shoes with ReColor!

Krox beach shoes. Part sneaker, part 'croc', all color.
The basic shoe is UniSex and fitted with a built-in ReSizer, and is available in four different textures: Ice, Kevlon, Splash and Swirl. More importantly, Krox have a ReColor HUD (head-up display that appears on screen), that let's you change the color of different parts of the shoe. Using the Tabs on the left-hand side of the HUD screen, you can select Heel, Logo, Sole, Straps, Toe and Upper. As you can see, this gives you an unlimited palette of colors to play with. The colors can be subtle, or the colors can shout! (The script in the shoe is low lag, and only works when the HUD is worn.)