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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jeepers Shoes for Men on the Move!!!

"In a moved that has stunned Industry insiders, Jeepers Shoes for Men has moved its main store from the Shoes sim, to the nearby Men sim. Distance-wise, it's 3 sims west; you can almost see it. Size-wise, the new store has a smaller footprint, but feels spacious. Old customers will feel right at home, newcomers will be surprised at the sheer variety of shoe styles and colors to be found at this venerable men's shoe-store. Steely-eyed Epy "Trench" Trenchmouth said "Jeepers is proud to be with the Men, (and a big shout out to Xplorer and Draco for their help)".

It's true shoe fans, Jeepers has a new home. And guess what, it's even better than before! A smaller store means less walking, and longer hours and shorter lines make shopping fun again! To celebrate the opening of Jeepers Shoes for Men at Men (170, 159, 37)[SLURL/men/70/159/37/], a complimentary pair of Orwell black suede Monk Strap shoes await the visitor. Don't delay. Update your Landmarks.

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